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Step into a world where design meets functionality, and your home becomes a canvas for self-expression. Haultemall is not just a store; it's an embodiment of our passion for transforming houses into homes, and spaces into sanctuaries

Sunrise Alarm Clock

The Sunrise Alarm Clock is a game-changing device that makes waking up in the morning a more natural and peaceful experience. Rather than being jolted awake by a loud, blaring alarm, the Sunrise Alarm Clock simulates a natural sunrise, gradually increasing in brightness and intensity to gently wake you up.

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Levitation Moon lamp

The moon can not only levitate but also revolve in the air when spun thanks to modern Maglev technology. One spin can go on for hours because there is little to no friction. Put your hands briefly on the moon globe to stop the lamp's rotation if you'd want it to be stationary.

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